Urantia:  the celestial name of our planet Earth.
Etymologically defined: our place in the heavens


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This site -

An Introduction to The Urantia Book

- has been lovingly created to explain a very complex topic in as simple a manner as possible. There are many websites devoted to The Urantia Book, which can be the proverbial double edged sword. A new reader who is trying to make sense of all the information can easily become overwhelmed and suffer from sensory overload. What we've tried to do with this site is create a hub of introductory information, while providing links to additional resources for those who wish to investigate further.

The Urantia Book may be the most powerful evidence ever that there is other intelligent life in the Universe.

What is The Urantia Book?

A revelation in book form, it is intended to help guide humankind into the next era of evolutionary progress. It provides answers to the big questions -
Who are we? How did we get here? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?
These questions have puzzled humans for thousands of years and the answers have been masterfully revealed in this big blue book.

The Urantia Book boldly claims to be a revelation of truth to our world from the headquarters of the Superuniverse. It is quite literally a work of genius, authored by beings whose IQs would be measured in the 1000's by our standards, delivered from beyond the world we know. Among other things, The Urantia Book may be the most powerful evidence ever that there is other intelligent life in the universe. One of the most profoundly inspiring, comforting tenets to be found in The Urantia Book is that all the universe is mobilized behind the effort to help humanity evolve. We are implored to understand that this evolution will transpire by way of us overcoming our fears and feelings of separation from God and each other, both collectively and individually. Though it describes human beings as the lowest form of creature able to recognize the existence of God, it also clearly emphasizes that there is no apparent limit to our destiny as we ascend toward our Creator after the termination of our mortal career.

What happens after we die?

The Urantia Book describes an eminently reasonable picture of life after death. Our spiritual growth continues just where we left off in our mortal existence. We are resurrected on the "mansion worlds" of our local system with a "morontia" body, which is part material and part spiritual. The entire celestial realm is a great educational university of learning and achievement where we are prepared for future service. As we progress on our spiritual journey we gradually acquire a more spiritual existence, while the mortal essence of our being fades away.

Heavenly Beings The origins of The Urantia Book are nothing short of fascinating. The book claims to be authored by divine celestial personalities.  Some are ascended mortals, some are angels, some are high Sons of God - all were mandated by The Ancients of Days to deliver the Urantia Papers to humanity. Delivery of Parts I, II, and III took place during the early years of the 20th century, with the last paper arriving in 1934. Part IV of The Urantia Book - the Life and Teachings of Jesus - was delivered separately and in toto in 1935. Although varying accounts regarding specifics of the manifestation of the papers exist and differ slightly, many of these have only been documented by way of personal interpretations of the occurrence. Significant research is currently being conducted related to the authorship and construction of the book, providing new perspectives on its origin. An extensive collection of documents related to the development of the Urantia movement is being accumulated in an archive housed at the University of California, Santa Barbara. For more information, click on the History page of this website.

The Urantia Book was first published in 1955. It is readily available in major bookstores and via the Internet. It can also be downloaded and read at no cost on many Urantia Book-related websites. Two of the most well-known sites where you can read it online are Truthbook.com and Urantiabook.org. Additional sites are listed on the Resources page of this website. You can also click on the links for Parts One thru Parts Four in the Section titled

The Four Parts of The Urantia Book

below to be taken directly to those sections.

Jesus Christ
In addition to revealing heretofore untold secrets regarding planetary history that began a billion years ago,The Urantia Book presents anew the

Life and Teachings of Jesus

, and reveals His pivotal connection to us as mortal universe citizens. The restated and richly detailed elaboration of the life of Jesus is a vital element of the revelation of The Urantia Book.

Jesus Christ – known as Christ Michael in the celestial realm - was, and still is, our closest approach to God. Reaffirmed is his great love for the individual, yet uncompromised is the high ideal of attainment he sets for everyone.
The Urantia Book also unfolds the real philosophy and religion of Jesus, and we learn how much evolutionary religion has diluted it and modified it in order to force it into the mold of passing contemporary doctrine and dogma.
The religion of Jesus as presented in The Urantia Book is dynamic, inspiring, uplifting, and totally contemporary because it is timeless and worthy of lifelong study. The Urantia Book boldly states: Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it. (196:1.3)

What makes this book a revelation?

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The only way one can discern whether or not the The Urantia Book is truly the fifth epochal revelation of God to humankind - as the book proclaims - is by opening it up and reading it, then studying it. Many people who have done that are completely convinced of its truth, and have allowed that truth to expand their worldview, inform their spiritual lives, and improve their understanding of, and communion with, God.  It's not necessary to trust and believe The Urantia Book - some people read it and decide it's not for them. But if you're a truth seeking person, looking for answers to profoundly deep questions, then you owe it to yourself to read and to study this amazing book. It presents a clear, understandable story about the nature and destiny of man. It recognizes the truths to be found in all religions. It recognizes evolutionary religion as separate from spiritual revelation. It stresses the importance of the individual regardless of origin and tells something about our supernal destinies. It differentiates between fact, meaning, and value: science, philosophy, and religion, and then truly integrates them. If you're sensitive to truth then its teachings will most likely ring true to you. Many topics of scientific and philosophical import are revealed in detail, and interestingly enough, much of the scientific information presented by these papers long ago, is only now being validated by modern scientists. If you would like to learn about such scientific discoveries corroborated by The Urantia Book, please click here.

The Four Parts of The Urantia Book

Part One:   The Central and Superuniverses, which covers the following:

Part Two:   The Local Universe, which covers:

Part Three:   The History of Urantia, which covers:

Part Four:   The Life and Teachings of Jesus, highlights of which are:

Although evidence is overwhelming, there is no scientific way to prove conclusively that the book is what it claims to be.
Its authenticity is best verified through personal experience and the serious study of its contents. The majority of people who have studied The Urantia Book have found it to be an invaluable source of spiritual inspiration and instruction. Many have experienced profound changes in their outlook on life as a result of their studies.

New truth is always challenging
and often threatening to traditionalists.

While most people who study the book do not question its celestial authorship, many who do still enjoy reading the papers because of the brilliant and original insights it has to offer regarding religion, history, cosmology, and science. Anyone who is interested in the life of Jesus will be delighted to read captivating details of every year of Jesus' life, including frequent day-to-day accounts of important periods of his life and ministry.

If you are on a mission to discover spiritual truths, have an open mind and are willing to invest some time and effort, The Urantia Book may be just what you have been searching for. The only way to determine if this revelation has a place in your life is to examine it for yourself. Before you embark on this extraordinary mission, however, you may want to ask yourself the following question.

Are you ready for where the search for


will lead?   If so, prepare yourself for a phenomenal journey of discovery.

The way you view your life, other people, and your place in the universe may never be the same.